Wrapped in Courage 2023 Campaign Scarf

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Use this page to order scarves for OAITH’s 2023 Wrapped in Courage Campaign as a participating Ontario GBV agency.

Orders for participating GBV agencies will close on June 15th. Orders after this date will not be possible.

This year marks the 11th Anniversary of the Wrapped in Courage Campaign. Wrapped in Courage scarves are now available for purchase! These scarves can be utilized throughout November and the 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence to foster awareness, campaign engagement, and raise funds for your agency.

Two designs are available, both made of 100% Merino wool infelted with recycled sari material:

1. Wrapped in Courage Scarf A “Circles & Recycled Sari Scarf” Design
2. Wrapped in Courage Scarf B “Cobweb & Recycled Sari Scarf” Design

PRICING: This page will allow you to purchase Wrapped in Courage 2023 scarves directly from the manufacturer (Hamro Village) for a cost of 20.50 per scarf plus taxes and shipping. Scarf purchases will only be processed through this website, however should you experience any barriers to purchasing please send an email to info@oaith.ca

SCARF DELIVERIES: By Mid-October, 2023. Deliveries will come directly from the manufacturer, Hamro Village.

DIMENSION: 73" x 14.5" (186 cm x 36 cm)
MATERIAL: 100% Merino wool infelted with recycled sari

  • Wrapped in Courage scarves sold through this site are a Fair Trade product produced by a Canadian Ontario-Based company, Hamro Village. Learn more about Fair Trade here: www.fairtradefederation.org/what-is-fair-trade/.
  • Hamro is passionate about Fair Trade and supporting marginalized artisans, empowering women and supporting ethical manufacturing and human rights. Learn more about Hamro via www.hamrovillage.com
  • Each scarf is a handmade, unique, artisan product - no two scarves will be the same!
  • Scarves are hand-felted merino wool with integrated recycled saris; the predominant colour will be purple. Sari material will contain colours and patterns unique to each scarf
  • Scarf designs will be similar but distinct to the design shown within these images which are examples only
  • Wrapped in Courage 2022 Campaign Marketing materials, including images of the custom scarf, will be provided to participating agencies in August 2023
  • Scarves will include a non-removable “Wrapped in Courage” fabric tag and a removable tag with information regarding the manufacturer

MARKETING: The recommended price for hand-made fair trade products is between 40.00-60.00. While local markets may shift for artisan products in your community, OAITH strongly recommends a minimum price of 40.00 per scarf.

A Wrapped in Courage Scarf Marketing package will be made available to all participating shelters in August 2023. This will include images of the scarves, social media graphics as well as templates and suggestions to assist in local scarf-sales and scarf-sale focused events. 

QUESTIONS: info@oaith.ca

Please be aware that actual colors may differ slightly from their appearance on your display, as it depends on your monitor settings.