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Felt: Felt is best described as a non-woven fabric structure formed by the interlocking of unspun fibers. It is, in all probability, the earliest form of textile fabrication.Felt is created by the application of moisture and agitation to the fibers and requires no bonding agent. The process of making felt has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. Felt is a most versatile fabric, combining many features such as strength, insulation, pliability and sound absorption. Felt making has recently undergone an enormous surge both in popularity and interest. Hamro works with number of practicing felt makers who are committed to exploring and celebrating the never-ending potential of traditional handmade felt as a modern art and craft medium, for use in functional and wearable arts and crafts.

Handmade Jewelry: Our jewelry reflects the rich art of the Himalayas. Local natural stones such as Turquoise, Lapis, Red Coral have been meticulously hand crafted with ornate traditional designs. These local materials are endowed with certain meanings. For instance, Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. Himalayan Jewelry often astounds both by its quality and by its creativity, embodying almost always a ritualistic and symbolic connotation. Its detailed workmanship is of such delicacy and elegance that comparison with anything else is virtually impossible. All our Handmade Jewelry is collected directly from the craftsman. Whether you are a collector or just looking for the perfect statement piece, you’re bound to appreciate the beauty of Himalayan jewelry.

Handwoven Textiles: In the hilly areas of Nepal, the local women have for centuries used the traditional approach of back-strap weaving in the production of clothing. With the arrival of market intervention however, these traditional skills of weaving have developed into an alternative means of generating an income. Back-strap weaving has blossomed into an opportunistic cottage industry for hundreds of women in Nepal and its regions. Hamro specializes in back-strap weaving and natural dying of heavy cotton minimizing the environmental impacts. Hamro products are made of 100% pure cotton, using thick and thinner treads. Our natural dyed products are individually dyed by color, which comes from Nepal’s nature. These colors are very soft and warm. Through the sourcing and use of local raw materials and organic dyes, our products are made in a sustainable fashion.