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As a fair trade enterprise, our dream is to build a society of equality, to respect cultural identity, to create opportunities, and to contribute to the socio-economic development of marginalized communities.

International Women’s Day

Embrace Equity with a Wrapped in Courage Scarf

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Joyful trivet for gatherings & celebrations

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Our Blooms Forever

Made with pretty aesthetics in mind.

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Hand-Rolled PomPom Garlands
Felted Love
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Pets Ultimate Getaway
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We're Authentic. We're Fair & We Evolve.

Inspired by wool felt


Hamro Village®

Hamro Village is a Canadian company that is passionate about Fair Trade and Handmade products. We're dedicated to supporting marginalized artisans.
It is through utilizing the artisan’s craftsmanship, we are able to provide many people with income which feeds families and sends children to school.

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