Botanical Print Wool Scarf

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The process of "eco-printing" or "botanical printing" utilized for our scarves is free of synthetic inks, dyes, or pigments. Each natural printed nuno felt scarf has been handmade with pigments from real leaves. To produce the warm colors, leaves were draped across the fabric and tightly bound with twine, then steamed for a period of three hours. The lid of the steamer cannot be opened until 12 hours have passed, following which the scarf is washed with sea salt water and exposed to the sun to complete the drying process. The end effect is remarkable.

Our Botanical Print Scarf is made from sustainable materials, making it an excellent choice for any eco-concious individual. 

SIZE: 13 inch x 74 inch 
COMPOSITION: Merino wool & Chiffon 
CARE: Hand-wash using warm water and a mild detergent, then squeeze gently and hang to dry.

NOTE: Our scarfs are handmade, therefore may vary in size and colour. Each piece is unique and therefore cannot be exactly duplicated.

Actual colors may vary due to monitor settings and calibration.