Fair Trade

Hamro follows globally recognized Fair Trade principles and it is embedded in our brand's core value. Our mission is not just to provide our customers with beautiful Fair Trade products but also encourage them to become advocates for social justice.


Handmade is our core value, because it is about people. When you purchase our handcrafted product, you’re also purchasing authenticity while supporting artisans, craft communities and preserving traditional skills.


Hamro believes in reducing waste, recycling and reusing end-use products. We embrace the use of natural materials and processes in our production process which help reduce carbon footprints. At Hamro our goal is to follow traditional craftwork techniques.

Why We Exists

As a company that believes in equality and fairness, today we are known as makers of artfully crafted felt items that creates moments of happiness. Today our products are found in many shops, museums, garden centres, and homes.

We can do this because of our customers who believes in our mission and on our team of small but mighty artisan groups. Every purchase creates happiness in many lives, homes and communities.

Our Projects

Wrapped In Courage Scarf

A Scarf With Meaning

For the last decade, the Wrapped in Courage Campaign has been growing awareness of gender-based violence across Ontario through purple scarves. These scarves mean something different to everyone who wears them. Some wear a purple scarf during Woman Abuse Prevention month and the 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Based Violence to show their support for local GBV services, while some are signaling to survivors that they are believed, valued and never alone. For some, they wear a purple scarf to remember those who lost their lives to femicide and show they are committed to change.

Just like survivors of gender-based violence across Ontario, every Wrapped in Courage 2022 Campaign Purple Scarf is unique! A Wrapped in Courage purple scarf is more than a scarf; it is a symbol of awareness, accountability, and action.

A Wrapped in Courage purple scarf is more than a scarf; it is a symbol of awareness, accountability, and action. Hamro Village donates 100% of the profit to OAITH (The Ontario Association Of Interval & Transition Houses) in support of the Wrapped in Courage Campaign. > SUPPORT NOW

Disease Control

Thank you straight from the Heart. Another update from Nepal, after four months since the earthquake in Nepal and now were facing spread of Cholera in the villages. 

We increased our efforts to prevent the spread of Cholera and other water borne diseases in villages where water supply was completely broken due to earthquake. Pipelines and water tanks are destroyed. Hamro Village started the water tank project where we provided water tanks and pipelines to four different villages. Thanks to all our supporters here and our hard working youth volunteers in Nepal.

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Disaster strikes and lives change. People loose their homes, families get separated, death toll rises. The disaster victims continue to suffer. A major 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, causing massive damage. More than 8000 people were confirmed dead and thousands were left homeless.

With generous gift to support our efforts in the wake of this disaster, Hamro Village launched a rapid response to ensure basic homes to those in need. Everyday more and more lives were being saved as people were donating and sharing our campaign efforts. Thank you for keeping Nepali people in your hearts and minds.