Our Founders

Asutosh Upadhyay is Co-Founder/CEO of Hamro Village. He understands the complexity of Fair Trade business on a global scale and embraces cultural and individual differences with empathy. He thinks globally, strategically and objectively to translate social responsibility into actionable insights, strategies and financial plans. He articulates an inspiring vision for the future, ensuring alignment of artisan goals by building collaborative relationships at multiple levels in the Artisan community and Global North."

Kinza Lhamo is Co-Founder/Creative Director of Hamro Village with strong focus on communication design, and product development. Her work within the Fair-Trade community has given her a profound understanding around key issues such as ethical sourcing, consumer behavior and social justice. This shines through in her modern take on traditional creativity. Growing up, she moved with her family across Bhutan, spending a few years in the landscape of ancient historic Talo valley and Punakha, which is surrounded by beautifully handcrafted Dzongs (monasteries). As a young adult attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, she experienced the creative life of New York City, which she calls "the big change for me."