Pod Orange Birdhouse

Pod Orange Birdhouse

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We choose Wool Felt to design and develop our Birdhouses for all the right reasons. Wool felt is a non-woven textile and are unique in its structure, texture and it is 100% natural. Our Birdhouses are seamlessly molded in one piece by adding heat, moisture and agitation, the revolving compacts and blends the fibres together to form one piece. The details on beds are hand-sewn and needle felted. They can be hung outside as well as inside!

  • 100% pure wool, a renewable material
  • Antimicrobial properties, Durable and lightweight
  • Naturally stain-resistant, water repellent and odor-resistant

Light Clean: Vacuum clean to remove hair and dust.
Stuck-On-Dirt: Spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water.
Full Wash: Gentle hand wash in warm water using mild detergentReshape while damp and hang dry.

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